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Introduction to Social Care Services

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Social care services help people from all walks of life, as well as their families or carers. Someone may need support because of illness, disability, old age or poverty. Local authorities are responsible for providing social care services, some of which may come from independent providers.

Health and social care assessments

If you or someone you know has difficulty coping with daily life, consider seeking support from your local authority. Local authorities have a duty to assess anyone who appears to need the community care services they provide.

The assessment is important to work out what your difficulties are and to provide the best possible service to you. You should be involved in the decision-making process and, if appropriate, a care plan may be created for you.

Services provided can include:

  • healthcare
  • equipment
  • help in your home or in a care home
  • community support and activities
  • day centres
  • help for people with disabilities
  • financial support
  • information and advisory services, and advocacy
  • support for carers

Often, it is minor assistance, such as meals on wheels and help with washing, dressing, feeding or using the toilet, that makes a big difference to people's lives.

Check the Directgov website to find your local authority and get advice about an assessment.
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